Welcome to a space which is marked with luxury and contentment. L5 is a restaurant and lounge situated in the city, Mumbai, where a healthy meal awaits your attention. Warm and Inviting; L5 is beginning to become popular among the locals. At L5, we invite our customers for a healthy and sumptuous dine.

Set up in the backdrop of the fast moving city, L5 restaurant offers you rich taste, on the palette of diversified choices to fulfill your appetite. Our chefs at L5 have re-designed the classic recipes by integrating familiar Indian herbs, and spices with seasonal and fresh, organic, local ingredients, to give each dish an authentic flavor. Our cuisines range from Indian, Italian, and Chinese. We at L5 believe in capturing the contemporary movement toward the tastes of the more modern plate. Perfectly complimenting our eclectic menu is the dazzling array of all types of liquor, under a single shade. Every one of these world class wines and liquors has been carefully chosen to enhance your L5 dining experience. Dining here at L5 is a tantalizing experience for your senses.

Sleek and modern, L5’s Lounge is both chic and elegant intoxicated with subtle reflections of Indian culture and taste. The vibrant and gorgeously colored bar and lounge space is trimmed with luxurious white marble. The lounge has a separate section for young couples to spend quality time with each other.

Whether it’s our daily Happy Hour, or our amazing Sunday Brunch, L5 Restaurant & Lounge always has something going on. You can host your own parties, happy hours, and events, or join us for ours


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